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Planet Hollywood AB
are at the moment:

Pontus Plaahn

Ola Fagerstedt
Sales manager

Conny Larsson

Andrew Casapini
Helpdesk Analyst
Ohio, USA.

Damon Zurawski
Future Legend

All logos, pictures, trademarks and our companyname showned on this website are owned by Planet Hollywood AB.

All logos and pictures owned by Planet Hollywood AB are restricted and forbidden to use by another person, company or organisation in all types of medias without written approval.

This include:
  • All types of webmedia/websevices/webpages.
  • All types of medias that are published on CD/DVDs or simular optical or magnetic media/products, incl all kinds of new medias the future will provied.
  • All types of printed media such as infosheets, brochure, letters, vcards, posters, etc.
  • All kinds of books, phonebooks, phonecataloges or simular products.
  • All kinds of magazine, newspaper, litteratures etc.
  • All kinds of brochures that includes informations about our and other company presentations etc.

To protect our companyname, logotypes and pictures from illegal use, all our suppliers and printers must have a written approval were we accept the use of Planet Hollywood ABs companyname, picture, logotype, and/or trademarks.
This written approval must have been issued before using our logos, trademarks and/or companyname in/on any kind of media.

If Planet Hollywood AB on demand wants a company that have/had our logotype, picture, trademark or companyname in their products, fails to show us a written approval issued by Planet Hollywood AB, Planet Hollywood AB have the right to decied and charge an optional amount.

If you, as a private person or as a company uses Planet Hollywood ABs companyname, picture or logotype owned, rented or franchasied by Planet Hollywood AB logos without our written approval in any way, Planet Hollywood have the same right to decied and charge an optional amount.

All voilation, infringe and illegal use of our logos, trademarks, pictures and companyname will be prosecuted. Our companyname and all logos owned, rented or franchasied by Planet Hollywood AB are protected under Swedish Laws!

Planet Hollywood ABs also have the right to charge thoose companys that adds us to their mailinglists without our written approval. All unwanted mail, so called SPAM will be reported to the senders ISP. We will also charge repective company a handningfee of 10.000 US Dollars for each unwanted mail.

Planet Hollywood AB adheres to international rules of copyrights and trademarks. We are in no way affiliated nor have anything in common with the restaurant with the same name operating in other countries outside of Sweden.

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Stockholm, Sweden. SEPTEMBER 11, 2006