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2002-03-01 Planet Hollywood AB moves to the center of Stockholm.

2002-05-30 Planet Hollywood AB buys the entertainment magazine NöjesPressen and publish the first number on the first of May.
The success is made.

2002-06-01 Planet Hollywood AB makes a profit for the year 2001 and hands over the papers to the PRV. The Approved Public Accountant approves the finacial papers for 2001 and gives the board members adopt the reports and accounts.

2002-10-03 Letter from a lawfirm in Orlando asking us to give up our name and domains. The lawfirm represents Planet Hollywood Int Inc. Request denied on giving up our domain names and companyname from the board of Planet Hollywood AB.

2002-10-17 New letter from the same lawfirm with threats of lawsuit if we don't give up the name and our domains to their client Planet Hollywood Int Inc. Accoring to Swedish law Planet Hollywood Int Inc lawfirm are; lets say: They are barking up the wrong three - All boardmembers at Planet Hollywood AB agrees that with threats they will not come anywhere an agreement - Planet Hollywood ABs board suggest that their client offer us the money Planet Hollywood Int Inc wanted to give us back in 1996 and 1997 and that they fullfill their offer that they made. The lawfirm Moran & Shams wants copies of this mail, the board will not accept or leave out copies of this documents. Planet Hollywood AB advise the lawfirm to contact Planet Hollywood Int Inc for copies. The board contacts their lawfirm here in Stockholm, Sweden and shows the letters and get advised to press charges against Planet Hollywood Int Inc for breaking their offer/not fullfilling their offer. Board votes for not press charges against them - Time to develop CLPP Systems™ with Single Sign On is more important. - Boardmembers suggest that if Planet Hollywood Int Inc don't stop hazzeling us and stop threat us- the letters from Planet Hollywood Int Inc with the offer will be handed over to an american lawfirm and let a judge settle the score once and for all.

2002-12-04 Planet Hollywood AB gets an offer to sell the CLPP Systems™ toughter with the company, Offer turned down by the owner of Planet Hollywood AB - REASON - Not enough paid per share.

2002-12-12 Planet Hollywood AB gets a new offer to sell the CLPP Systems™ with Single Sign On - Offer once again turned down due to not enough paid per share.

2002-12-30 Planet Hollywood AB makes an offer to sell the CLPP Systems™ with Single Sign On - Offer not accepted due to new standings from the buyer. Buyer now wants the whole company. Offer to sell company is turned down by the members of the board at Planet Hollywood AB.


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