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2003-01-10 An agreement are temporary drawn up between the two parties - the buyer and the seller in the matter CLPP Systems™ with Single Sign On. The agreement shall be ready within the next 12 weeks.

2003-01-12 Planet Hollywood AB reveals their new product for online-dvd-movies and tell their clients to look at Program is one of a kind product that will make it harder, we don't wanna say impossible yet but we are nearly there, to copy dvd-movies and put them on the net - Best of all - NO new hardware are required to make it work.

2003-02-12 Ola Fagerstedt quits and starts to work at InterGlobal, Bromma. Ola has been working side by side with Pontus Plaahn since march 2001 and we wish him the very best of luck in his new job. He will be missed!

2003-02-28 Planet Hollywood AB moves out from its small officespace and to Farsta Strand.

2003-03-02 Planet Hollywood AB gets an offer to sell one of thier domains. The domain for € 25.000,00 The company that offers to buy the domain is a pornographic company. The board takes the offer under consideration.

2003-03-04 Planet Hollywood ABs board think that the offer that was made on the 2003-03-02 must be taken under seriously consideration. Boardmember Pontus Plaahn suggest that the lawfirm Moran & Shams must be informed and give their client Planet Hollywood Int Inc the same chance to buy the domain for the same price before accepting the € 25.000,00 offer. Reason: It could damage both Planet Hollywood AB and Planet Hollywood Int Inc reputation to be associated with pornographic material. Everyone agrees that if we gonna sell the domain its better that Planet Hollywood Int Inc is the buyer than the pornographic company.

2003-03-07 According to the temporary agreement made on the 2003-01-10, Planet Hollywood AB board voted to turn down the offer made from the pornographic company on the domain and will revoke the offer made to Planet Hollywood Int Inc thru Moran & Shams. This vote was based on that domain was in the agreement. Planet Hollywood AB will not sell the domain to anyone at this time. The value of the domain is more than just money. Its about standing up and holding your word. Recommended letter with notification on revoked offer are sent to Moran and Shams and one letter to PxXxN that the offer we got from them on € 25.000,00 is turned down.

2003-03-10 Planet Hollywood recives an email from Moran & Shams, telling us that their client Planet Hollywood Int Inc are not interested of buying the domain for € 25.000,00 and tell us that they look on our offer as "blackmail" - Boardmember and owner Pontus Plaahn writes them two emails explaining that the domain is not longer for sale and the offer is revoked and that they have missunderstood the offer that was made - This is what they wrote and I quote: "We view your facsimile letter as evidence of extortion." - What a joke - If you want a copy of our mail, email us at: letter030304(a t) - All we said on our offer was that we give you the same offer that the other company gave us nothing more, nothing less - Thats what you get for beeing nice. PP:s Note.

2003-03-11 Indications shows that an offer will been made on the company before the next boardmeeting on the 16th of march 2003. Indications shows that the buyer will pay per share will be somewhere between 780 - 880SEKplus an EXTRA bonus of 180 - 220SEK if the boardmembers are willing to accept the offer within 30 days. Indication also shows that TERMS and CONDITIONS on the offer will be on the agenda on the next boardmeeting, the 16th of March.

2003-03-12 First version of CLPP Systems with Single Sign On™ for Mac with MacOs 9.2.2 and MacOs X installed are presented by the developer Pontus Plaahn for some of the betatesters. The behind-door-tests has shown a minimum on bugs during the testperiod 2002-09-01 - 2003-03-01. A few bugs are reported on MacOs X 10.1. By using Apples latest OSX 10.2.4. the bugs has been lowered with almost 95%. Pontus Plaahn also presented a new version of the DoD program (The windows version 2.0ba) to the same betatester. An offer has been made today to a private company to let them be the first to use our DoD-server program.

2003-03-13 Mitsubishi Center, Lanna, PRAB, Stockholm and OP Center, Stockholm gets the 10:th, 11:th and 12:th CLPP Computer Systems™ this year. All three computers was syncronized agains eachother at 00.15AM CET today. All three computer was up and running and syncronized to eachother on the first attempt.
The CLPP Systems with Single Sign On™ and the Security-built-in-systems was pre-installed toughter with our latest, still a beta, 1024 bit encryption software. Since there are two companies of our past betatesters, a full report on how they work toughter with their other applications will be reported to us and published on May the 30:th on

2003-03-16 The board has been talking about the offer made on 2003-03-11 and have decided NOT to sell any of the companys share unless the bid is over 2000SEK aprox. € 220 per share.
The offer that was given was based on the last three month of 2002 - Planet Hollywood AB have already sold for almost 40% of last years total on the first two month this year and the
curve indicates a higher incomming stock on our CLPP Systems™ during March and April 2003.
Notice that: Royalty fees have not been included. Planet Hollywood AB belives today that the income to the company will tripple its income during 2003.

Notification has been made to the all partners to Planet Hollywood AB.

2003-04-02 New offer on buying the company and the CLPP Computer Systems™ have been made to Pontus Plaahn, majority shareholder to Planet Hollywood AB. Although the buyer wants to be anonymous to people on the outside serious talks have been made.

2003-04-13 CLPP Computer Systems™ are for the first time shown in public at Stockholms Badminton Hall. Over 200 persons tried out the systems during a 8 hour working day. The show was a big success. Two CLPP Computer Systems™ was sold to HBH on place - Both systems will be deliveried on the 2:d of may.

2003-04-23 Four new CLPP Computer Systems™ was ordered and delivered to AL both in Stockholm and Oxelösund.

2003-05-02 The two CLPP Computer Systems™ that was ordered on the 2003-04-13 was deliveried to HBH - Both CLPP Computer Systems™ was up and running on three hours. Both machines was syncroniced to eachother on the first attempt.

2003-05-16 Pontus Plaahn inform beta users thru email that it is recommended that user that runs CLPP Systems with Single Sign On™ on Macintosh, makes the upgrade on their systems to 10.2.6 and makes the upgrade on the CLPP Systems with Single Sign On™. New features are added into the new version of the CLPP Systems and some of the design inside the program has been re-made.

2003-05-18 Abzolut Dart Team recived Silver for Second Place in the Dart Series 02/03 - Planet Hollywood AB sends their CONGRATULATIONS.

2003-05-19 Talks between CG AB and Planet Hollywood AB. CG AB want to sell our CLPP Systems™ and CLPP Computer Systems™ based on franchasing. Both parties have reached an agreement that will be worked out toughter. The franchasingagreement will be on a six month test period. New agreement will be drawn up on the 31:th of december 2003. CGAB starts to sell CLPP Systems™ and CLPP Computer Systems™ in stores in the center of Stockholm, Sweden and on their website on the 1:th of July.

2003-05-20 AL in Stockholm placed a new order on a CLPP Computer Systems™.

2003-08-05 Pontus Plaahn gets a new offer to sell his shares and rights to Planet Hollywood AB for 450.000 UK Sterling Pounds from a UK based computer company. Pontus are still on vaccation and can not be reached.

2003-08-11 The offer Pontus Plaahn got from the UK based computer company was turned down. Pontus found the offer very interesting but still stands to his word and let the franchasing project to CGAB continue.
Pontus have stated that; if the offer still stands at the end of december and no new agreement would be reach with CGAB, the offer will surely be accepted with terms of conditions that empoyees will get a six month paid salery from the UK based computer company after takeover.

2003-08-14 Attempts has been made to hack into one of our main servers without any luck. Our securitysystems worked perfectly. Over 55.000 attempts has been made over the last month to tap into our systems to make changes or destroy and we are proud to say: Attempts without success. The CLPP Systems™ has shown that toughter with CLPP Systems™ Bite Me, our new 1024-bit encrypted system, really works. Our TCP/IP Tracking systems has been effective and has reported to several ISP that their users / clients has tried to make an illegal attempt to hack into our servers.

2003-10-01 Planet Hollywood AB adds another domainname to the collection,

2003-10-03 An 800.000 US Dollars offer was made on the company.

2003-10-13 A new order was placed on twenty complete CLPP Computer System™ including two servers. The first 800D model of CLPP Computer System™ Server is now up and running.

2003-10-22 The company presents a fantastic 1680% increase from last years period - Q4.

2003-10-23 All twenty CLPP Computer Systems has been delivered and installed on our clients request. We have also upgraded our server applications. This upgrade can't longer be downloaded from our website. For more information please contact us for further information.

2003-10-24 We now starts to ship out updates for clients and servers to all our betatesters.
Note: MacOS X users: This new software WILL work on Panther and erlier MacOS X, 10.2 - 10.2.8 systems.

2003-10-25 Serialnumber are required to install our lastest update. We have send out serials to all users thru regular mails - If you haven't recived a serial or if you are a new user, please contact us for more information.

2003-12-29 Four new clients/software/cc-company was approved to use and try our CLPP Computer Systems software under 2004.

Planet Hollywood AB adheres to international rules of copyrights and trademarks. We are in no way affiliated nor have anything in common with the restaurant with the same name operating in other countries outside of Sweden.

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