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Abzolut Dart Team

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Hard Rock Café

Planet Hollywood AB
are at the moment:

Pontus Plaahn

Ola Fagerstedt
Sales manager

Conny Larsson

Andrew Casapini
Helpdesk Analyst
Ohio, USA.

Damon Zurawski
Future Legend

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2004-01-16 Planet Hollywood AB adds three new providers of IT products to the company.

2004-02-03 Planet Hollywood AB signs a new contract to deliver computercomponents and utilites to one of the worlds leading company in ***** reseach.

2004-02-06 Due to a disagreement with one of the Swedens banks, Planet Hollywood AB have cancel the following on their contract til further notice:
1. All support and all access to our database.
2. All their rights to use our CLPP Computer System™ - clientsoftware, and
3. All their rights to use our CLPP Computer System™ - serversoftware.

2004-02-09 Our security-/ user-/ serversystem CLPP Systems with Single Sign On has been signed to be used on the upcoming datingsite "". This match/datewebsite will be online
2004-04-01 and our software will for the first time show its potential in public.

2004-04-01 Due to some complications has been delayed for a month.

2004-04-01 Abzolut Dart Team plays their last match of the 2003/2004 and wins the series. With 22 games played, Abzolut wins 18/22 - 2 ties and 2 games lost over the season. Abzolut Dart Team have four players in the top ten best single players: No. 1 2601 Pontus Plaahn, No. 4 1702 Christer Öberg, No. 5 223 Jörgen Andersson and No. 9 1136 Christer Gahm. Abzolut also have four players in the top ten of the double players: Pontus Plaahn, Christer Öberg, Jörgen Andersson and Joacim Jonasson.

Abzolut Dart Team also stands for the three best player of the year.

No. 1 of the Outstandning Player of the year - Pontus Plaahn
No. 2 of the Outstandning Player of the year - Christer Öberg
No. 3 of the Outstandning Player of the year - Jörgen Andersson

Complete standing in the dartseries can be viewed at Stockholms Dartförbunds Offical site:

Abzolut will be in the Summer Series under the name Abzolut INTE.

2004-04-23 Pontus Plaahn, the main shareholder of Planet Hollywood AB has decided to sell and sets the pricetag on the company, the companys trademarks, domains and patents.
Planet Hollywood Itc Inc, Orlando, USA and their legal department has be informed about this decision.

2004-12-23 PLAAHN becomes a registrated trademark at the PRV.


Planet Hollywood AB adheres to international rules of copyrights and trademarks. We are in no way affiliated nor have anything in common with the restaurant with the same name operating in other countries outside of Sweden.

Copyright © 1994 - 2005 by PLANET HOLLYWOOD AB, 2005. All rights Reserved.
CLPP Systems with Single Sign-On are a registrated Trademark.
Updated by Pontus Plaahn and Andrew Casapini,
Stockholm, Sweden. JANUARY 10, 2005