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Abzolut Dart Team

Favorite restaurang:
Hard Rock Café

Planet Hollywood AB
are at the moment:

Pontus Plaahn

Ola Fagerstedt
Sales manager

Conny Larsson

Andrew Casapini
Helpdesk Analyst
Ohio, USA.

Damon Zurawski
Future Legend

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2005-01-02 Planet Hollywood AB signs a three years fullfillment agreement for contiunes use of the trademark CLPP Systems. The company will also contiune to sell and manufactor the CLPP Computer Systems.

2005-01-07 The company buys the rights to use til 2006.

2005-01-10 The company adds a new domain to their portfolio.

2005-03-03 Planet Hollywood signs up SF for a three year office/phone support agreements and and an agreement to maintenance of their websites.

2005-04-14 Abzolut Dart Team wins the series AGAIN. Bo Cassel wins the OP and become best single player while Pontus Plaahn becomes second in the OP and best double player of the year (third year in a row). Planet Hollywood sends their congratualtions!

2005-04-25 The company adds a new domain to their portfolio.

2005-05-02 The company presents a profit of 32t after tax for the year 2004.

2005-12-22 Today Planet Hollywood was phoned up by a company that call themself Yellow Register On Line AB or The company Yellow Register Online wanted to use Planet Hollywood as a reference for their company. They said that - If we would allowed them to use our company as reference they would build us a website for free - we declined the offer that was given and denied them the right to Planet Hollywood AB as a reference.

With this statement we want to clarified from our side that: Planet Hollywood AB are in no way affiliated nor have any collaboration with the company Yellow Registry On Line in Borås.

Planet Hollywood AB adheres to international rules of copyrights and trademarks. We are in no way affiliated nor have anything in common with the restaurant with the same name operating in other countries outside of Sweden.

Copyright © 1994 - 2005 by PLANET HOLLYWOOD AB, 2005. All rights Reserved.
CLPP Systems with Single Sign-On are a registrated Trademark.
Updated by Pontus Plaahn and Andrew Casapini,
Stockholm, Sweden. DECEMBER 22, 2005