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Abzolut Dart Team

Favorite restaurang:
Hard Rock Café

Planet Hollywood AB
are at the moment:

Pontus Plaahn

Ola Fagerstedt
Sales manager

Conny Larsson

Andrew Casapini
Helpdesk Analyst
Ohio, USA.

Damon Zurawski
Future Legend

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1 Happy New Year

2006-05-17 Abzolut Dart Team end up at second place. Bo Cassel wins the OP and become best single player while Pontus Plaahn becomes third in the OP and best double player of the year (fourth year in a row). Planet Hollywood sends their congratualtions!

2006-05-28 The company presents their annual report for 2005.

2006-06-18 Planet Hollywood has been asked to deliver over 400 units to one of their clients personal. Estimate value over a 3 month period: 3.100.000,00 SEK. ex sales taxes.

2006-06-22 All EXPORT of the CLPP Systems decryptionsoftware to the clients on the US market are on hold until further notice. All access from IP-ranges/numbers connected to the US-market are suspended/blocked in our Server and Clientsoftware.

2006-07-07 Planet Hollywood AB together with it's salespartners will boycott all HPs products due to a conflict based on a clients laptop that HP not give warranty on due to a "well known problem at HPs HQ". Planet Hollywood with partners has told HP to keep their promises as they are given to protect our clients right for warranty.

Planet Hollywood will NOT longer sell or hold any of HP product. Clients that have bought HP products from us will still have same support and we will still supply you with replacement and spare parts.

Planet Hollywood has rewoked all the suspension on IP-ban from the US-market on our server and clientsoftware.

2006-08-28 Planet Hollywood signs an agreement with A905 - Keith Ehlén AB. Planet Hollywood will create, publish and update all webservices around the and sites.

Planet Hollywood AB adheres to international rules of copyrights and trademarks. We are in no way affiliated nor have anything in common with the restaurant with the same name operating in other countries outside of Sweden.

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