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Ohio, USA.

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1 Happy New Year

2007-03-10 Planet Hollywood has decided to sell some of our domains.
The following domainnames for sale are: - Bidding starts at US 1.250.000,00 - Latest bid (2007-04-19): US 1.550.000,00 - Bidding starts at US 1.250.000,00

2007-04-01 The company presents their annual report for 2006.
2007-04-02 The company presents a profit of 86t after tax for the year 2006.

2007-04-07 The company expand the rights to use til 2011.

2007-04-10 The company rewoked all ongoing cooperation, support and terminating all developing of it's PATENT "CLPP Systems with single sign on" for one of Swedens larges bank.

2007-04-11 The company buys the rights to use the domain and its trademark til 2017.

2007-04-17 The company signs contract with I-G Inc in Ohio for a 36 month period for supply-/support.

2007-04-20 The company has decied to hire up to eight persons within the next 18 month. Look for ads in daily newspaper or/and at Arbetsförmedlingen.

Til next update:

Have a wonderful day, I know I will...
Pontus Plaahn
Chairman of the board
Planet Hollywood AB

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